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Our Mission is to continue to develop the most unique designs and highest of quality apparel deserving to be worn with pride by First Responders and Supporters. We are a company that prides itself on developing relationships with people not customers along with partnering with First Responder Charities to give back like no other company

ReLEntless Defender Apparel was established in January 2015, during the peak of animosity and distrust against Law Enforcement. Being a company owned and operated by a family of police officers, our first mission was stand-up for the hundreds of thousands of officers who went to work everyday with the goal of protecting his/her community and coming home safe. As a company, we wanted to break the mold of Law Enforcement themed apparel companies. We wanted Law Enforcement and the quiet majority of Law Enforcement supporters to stand up for what was right and defend the officers who are out there ReLEntlessly keeping them safe.
Our Patriotically Correct line stemmed from an upbringing of respect for our Flag, Military, Law Enforcement and our Elders; Standing for the anthem was never optional and “God, Country, Family” was a way of life.
Being police officers ourselves, our second mission was to give back to those who give and sacrifice so much for their communities. Your purchase has helped our mission to support police charities and LE Families throughout the nation. We’re proud to announce our mission has grown into the ReLEntless Defender Foundation, a newly established non-profit, who’s mission is to support all First Responders, injured and/or fallen, in the line of duty.

Further, all of our apparel is designed, printed, packaged, and from our headquarters in Richmond, Texas USA. We pride ourselves on not developing customers, but building lasting relationships with each community member that stands behind our mission. Also know, we stand 100% behind our brand; therefore we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Thank you again,
Aaron Slater, Owner

"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business" -Henry Ford

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